❓Why BitOpex?

The Need for a Better Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange.

The rise of cryptocurrency trading has brought with it an increase in derivatives trading, with cryptocurrency derivatives trading currently outstripping spot volume by a staggering 300%.

However, this growing market faces several challenges that hinder its progress.

Many exchanges offering these services are unregulated, leading to a lack of trust and credibility. The few exchanges that are regulated often have limitations on their derivatives products, reducing their appeal to experienced traders and institutions.

The lack of a direct fiat gateway for derivatives trading adds another layer of complexity and friction, which discourages participation. Traders also face 'source of funds' issues due to regulatory hurdles. Additionally, the limited availability of user-friendly cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges poses a significant obstacle for new participants.

All these factors combined present an untapped opportunity for a regulated European cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that can address these issues, offer a seamless trading experience, and act as a reliable entry-point for institutional traders.

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